Musical Forms, Part I

Have you ever considered what the term allemande actually means? Or ballade? Nocturne? Gavotte? These are, in essence, templates for a piece - musical forms. The waltz is the most well-known form; everyone knows waltzes always have three beats to the measure. All these other pieces—allemandes, nocturnes, gavottes—are forms too, but we aren't so familiar with them. … Continue reading Musical Forms, Part I


20 Iconic Works of Classical Music

"Oh, I recognize that piece!" There are some classical pieces that have not only made their way into the musician's repertoire but have also become popular in modern society. Maybe you've heard some of these pieces in movies, advertisements, or TV shows. I think you'll have heard most of them - if not all!  Sidenote: I know all the … Continue reading 20 Iconic Works of Classical Music