Tidbit #6 – Musical Giveaways

There are two great violin giveaways going on right now!

The first one is sponsored by StringsMagazine. This giveaway package is comprised of a:

John Cheng Limited Edition 4/4 size violin
Guy Laurent Three Star 4/4 size violin bow
Musafia Momentum Z 4/4 size violin case
2 Cakes of Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin

The total value of this package is $4,334! You can enter to win all this for free by clicking here. (You’ll also help us by clicking on the link and entering.)

The second giveaway is sponsored by TheViolinChannel. TVC will be giving away 6 Solo Violin Shoulder Rests from Kun, in the next 6 weeks. You can enter here.

Don’t miss these great opportunities!

-Cammi and Maggie

An Intriguing Mozart

The Intriguing Mozart (2).pngSince Mozart’s Birthday was on January 27th, I felt a little pressure to post about him this Monday. But I didn’t want to write up a biography about him – of which there are gazillions on the WWW. And no, I didn’t want to post “10 Interesting Facts about Mozart” – there are already hundreds of those oh-so-intriguing lists as well. (The interesting facts usually consist of Mozart’s DOB, his wife’s name, that the cause of his death is unknown, and that it is also unknown whether Beethoven and Mozart actually met.) No, I wanted to bring you guys a fun post, full of truly intriguing bits of information about Mozart! I’ve divided the post into multiple categories, which include my favorite Mozart quotes, fun stories about Mozart, and some of his most widely played works. So, let’s get started!

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John Field and His Nocturne

john-field-his-nocturneJohn Field. He sounds like a modern American composer, doesn’t he?

Actually, Field lived in the gap between the end of the Classical Period and the beginning of the Romantic Period. Mozart was 26 when Field was born and Field was 28 when Chopin was born. Field was a musical pioneer and, though a lesser-known composer, he was a major influence on many Romantic composers, particularly Chopin. Continue reading