Felix Borowski and Adoration

Felix Borowski, composer and teacher, wrote more than 60 pieces in a variety of styles, including 3 symphonies, 3 string quartets, and 3 organ sonatas. But it is neither Borowski's symphonies nor his string quartets that made him famous. His biggest claim-to-fame is a violin piece called Adoration. As I was preparing Adoration for my … Continue reading Felix Borowski and Adoration


An Intriguing Mozart

Since Mozart's Birthday was on January 27th, I felt a little pressure to post about him this Monday. But I didn't want to write up a biography about him - of which there are gazillions on the WWW. And no, I didn't want to post "10 Interesting Facts about Mozart" - there are already hundreds … Continue reading An Intriguing Mozart

Igor Stravinsky

Igor Fyodorovich Stravinsky, one of the most influential—and controversial—composers of the 20th century, was born exactly 134 years ago today: June 17, 1882. Stravinsky was a pianist and a conductor, but most importantly, a composer. His compositions were and still are famous for their diversity and inspiration. Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean his works were received enthusiastically; … Continue reading Igor Stravinsky