What to Do When You’re Drowning in Music

Do you ever come home from a lesson and just want to collapse? You have four pieces in progress, one you're trying to polish for a concert, and now your teacher just gave you a new one. Where on earth are you supposed to start? It's never easy to have a big workload, but here … Continue reading What to Do When You’re Drowning in Music


Felix Borowski and Adoration

Felix Borowski, composer and teacher, wrote more than 60 pieces in a variety of styles, including 3 symphonies, 3 string quartets, and 3 organ sonatas. But it is neither Borowski's symphonies nor his string quartets that made him famous. His biggest claim-to-fame is a violin piece called Adoration. As I was preparing Adoration for my … Continue reading Felix Borowski and Adoration