Tidbit #8 – Theoretical Keys

For every key on the piano, we have a scale. However, the number of scales we commonly see in music does not match the number of keys we have to play them with. We have twelve keys in total, but we have fifteen major scales (I'll also address minor scales a bit in this post) … Continue reading Tidbit #8 – Theoretical Keys


Tidbit #7 – Alfredo Casella and His Symphony No. 2

Alfredo Casella was a relatively recent Italian composer born in 1883. He had classical music in his blood from the start - his father, two brothers, and grandfather (who knew Paganini!) played cello. Furthermore, Casella's mother was a pianist who gave him his first music lessons.  Later, Casella was surrounded by other great musicians. He … Continue reading Tidbit #7 – Alfredo Casella and His Symphony No. 2